Vores tæppe / Our carpet


An art course for young kids, a wall decoration and a meeting point for children and staff of the daycare.

The children took part in four workshops. They did experiments with drawing, colour theory and patterns. We discussed the pattern I had made and mixed pastel colours for the figures of the carpet.

The pattern is inspired by the twenty-two countries the families of the children stem from. The top and bottom of the carpet is decorated with some of the children’s drawing experiments.

The piece includes twelve floor mats in matching colours, which make the carpet a gathering place in the everyday life of the daycare. I also made colouring sheets of the pattern and a fairy tale about the magic of this carpet.

OUR CARPET is now installed at The Childrens Culture house in Taastrup, DK as the daycare moved there shortly after the realisation of the project.

The project was made in collaboration with the daycare Solsikken, Taastrup, DK. Other partners involved: Kulturelt Samråd in Høje-Taastrup, Cultural consultant Stine Vad, Graphic designer Jacob Tesch and Pure Carpets in Hellerup.

OUR CARPET was realised by support from Lærerstandens Brandforsikring.


The childrens art experiments and my sketch of the pattern
Matching the colors the children had mixed with yarn for the carpet

Twelve matching mats to use when the children’s group gather.
Colouring sheets for the kids (a way they can relate directly to the piece on the wall)
OUR CARPET / final installation with the childrens art experiments in top and buttom.
The matching mats is for gatherings and will be brought out when needed.