With love (working title / current research)

I am currently investigating how letter writing can be read as a reflection of the artist’s work. Both live by virtue of their relationship with the receiver. However, letter writing has largely disappeared from our world, as new technologies have changed the temporality of social relations. Stay tuned …

One less problem

Do you feel powerless in a time characterized by political, climatic and social tensions?
Place the pebble in your shoe, put on your shoes and return to your day.
When enough is enough, you remove the pebble. Voila! Now the world has one less problem …

Quantity 35 pcs
Cardboard box, pebble and handwritten instructions.
Signed and numbered.
Price: 375 Dkk

‘One less problem’ was shown at KunstKiosk’s group exhibition ‘Stakåndet Frihed’ in December 2023.