At the moment I’m working with a series of projects titled ANALOG HACKING (ANALOGOUS HACKING)

ANALOGOUS HACKING consists of interventions questioning everyday life existence by re-expressing the already existing. The spaces in which our daily relations and conversation take part is hard hit by the power of commercial advertisement. ANALOGOUS HACKING set up alternative ways of human exchange far away from the monologues various companies are buying their right to present in our shared spaces.

By offering slightly disobedient ways to deal with the already given ANALOGOUS HACKING invite people to take part in reformulating ways of exchanging & playing with each other. Each intervention works as a social frame in which the participants are offered new lines of action. Every new part of the project stem from the context given, the present potential and the effort of people to share.

The interventions will not be announced beforehand, but documented on this webpage subsequently after accomplishment.