En del af dig / Part of you


Do you identify with one or several personality traits on the list?

The most dominant feature is the core of your badge. The subsequent rings show the less significant ones. The thickness of a ring indicates how dominant each trait is.  Your badge reveal a part of you to other participants, as they also know the code. Wear it with pride!

Presented at PerformanceRum i rum 46, Århus, DK, at a festival in Taastrup, DK and in a public school, DK / 2020 + 2021

Are some of the personality traits on the note a part of you?
Inde bag arbejdshesten, klimatossen og spilopmageren er livsnyderen
En afslappet følebamse med ildsjæl og arbejdsiver
En følsom spilopmager, der nyder live