If I can do it (dk_invite)




From the 20th until the 29th of November 2009 Koh-i-noor will present the project If I can do it, so can you!

During the project you are asked to submit a wish about something you would like to learn how to do. Berit Nørgaard will then from her office at Koh-i-noor try to make your wish come true by finding a person that knows how to do just that. The idea is simple – no wish is impossible if only the right helpful person is found, in order to show you how to do it. If I can do it, so can you! offers a cultural alternative to the money based economy. A solution that is right in front of us if only we dare to reach out for it.

What do you wish to learn? To fix your bike, write a letter to editor, to skate on a skateboard, to knit, to get rid of a difficult stain or straighten up the piles on your desk? Or maybe something more out of the ordinary, like seeing ghosts, to be a success full flirt or to be famous? All the suggestions above or only meant as an inspiration, because you are aloud to wish for what ever your heart desires! No wish is too small, crazy or ambitious. If Nørgaard is able to locate a person that can teach what you wish to learn, a meeting will be arranged between you and the other person. The meeting will take about an hour according to the subject and what is being introduced.

Write a short explanation about what you would like to learn and why. Insert your name, age, telephone number and your e-mail address. Send your wish to you-can-too@hotmail.com or stop by the office of Berit Nørgaard at Koh-i-noor, Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 Copenhagen V.

All participation is free of charge and potentially fun!

After this, the office will be open Saturday the 21st, Sunday the 22nd, Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th and Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of November. All days from 2-5 pm.

The deadline for submitting wishes, by mail or at Koh-i-noor is Sunday the 29th of November 2009.